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Solventless Laminator for Paper, Film and Alu Foil Substrates

Solventless Laminating Machine, SLP-A Series

Paper/Film Solventless Laminating Machine: SLP-1000/1300A

1. Suitable for: paper with film flexible packaging and conversion companies
2. Applications: paper/film, aluminum foil, film/film, film/metalized film and more
3. Tension control: dancing rollers and load cell with vector-inverter motors
4. Coating unit control: servo motor

Technical Parameters:
Max. machine speed: 300 m/min
Max. web width: 1050,1300mm
Max. unwinding dia.: 1250 mm
Max. rewinding dia.: 1250 mm
Core I.D.: 3" or 6"
Overall dimension (L x W x H): 6000 x 3000 x 2700 mm

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