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  • Company Profile

    When it comes to lamination, using solvents is not always a customer's first choice for a variety of reasons. That is where Sinomech Corporation, founded in 2007, comes in. We are located in Guangzhou City, and are a leading supplier of solvent free laminators, printing and other conversion machinery. We are also one of the state chosen pilot enterprises for an eco-design program.

    Our current product catalogue includes, but is not limited to, solvent free laminators, metering mixers and auto-refilling systems, printing and other conversion machines, and customized machinery.
    Backed by a strong technology research and development team, Sinomech not only provides solvent free laminators for customers in the flexible packaging industry, but also supplies customized solutions for customers in folding cartons, textiles, decorations, advertisements and other industries.

  • Innovation History

    The first solvent free lamination machine with a speed of up to 400m/minute was produced in China. This machine was used specifically for BOPP and VMCPP lamination.

    The first servo driven metering mixer with a gear pump was developed. It is widely used for NY/PE rice bag packaging (10kg), NY/PE (CPP) boiled food packaging, BOPP / VMPET / PE (CPP) or PET / VMPET / PE (CPP) 3 layer lamination.

    The first solvent free lamination machine with a speed up to 500m/minute was developed in China, as well as a lab solvent free lamination speed with a maximum speed of 450m /min. Both machines are used for paper plastic lamination and ion exchange membrane lamination.

    The first paper-plastic solvent free lamination machine with a speed of 300m/minute in China was developed. This machine is used especially for lamination of paper and aluminum foil.

    The first digital solvent free lamination machine with a speed of up to 600m/minute in China was developed, as was an automatic glue supply system for the lamination of large detergent powder bags.

  • Advantages

    Process Innovation
    Sinomech focuses on technology innovation, and aims to provide customers with optimal solutions. Through 10 years of development, we have broken 9 domestic records, and made at least 11 breakthroughs in technological applications. Since 2008 (when we developed the first domestic high speed, solvent free lamination machine -- 400m/minute), our new products or new technological applications are released every year.

    Customized Service
    We have an experienced technical service team who specializes in customizing equipment to the various needs of each individual user. We are currently working with our customers to explore even more applications for solvent-free lamination.

    Systematic Service
    Sinomech is not a simple equipment supplier, but rather a systemic supplier. Relying on our extensive data accumulated through the years and product processes, we provide not only complete sets of equipment, but also technical support and training services to meet individual customer needs.

  • After-Sales Service and Technical Support

    Technical Support
    Sinomech has a great R&D team, comprised of more than 10 engineers with top industry experience. They are capable of providing targeted solutions for each customer based on individual needs. We also have a technology service team to carry out technology tests and trial manufacturing of samples.

    Not only do we provide the right equipment, but our experience also allows us to provide technical support and operator training.