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Process Innovation
Sinomech focuses on technology innovation, and aims to provide customers with optimal solutions. Through 10 years of development, we have broken 9 domestic records, and made at least 11 breakthroughs in technological applications. Since 2008 (when we developed the first domestic high speed, solvent free lamination machine -- 400m/minute), our new products or new technological applications are released every year.

Customized Service
We have an experienced technical service team who specializes in customizing equipment to the various needs of each individual user. We are currently working with our customers to explore even more applications for solvent-free lamination.

Systematic Service
Sinomech is not a simple equipment supplier, but rather a systemic supplier. Relying on our extensive data accumulated through the years and product processes, we provide not only complete sets of equipment, but also technical support and training services to meet individual customer needs.

Key Technical Advantages, Based On User Experience
Our products are continuously improved based on customer usage experiences, allowing us to develop unique technological advantages. For example, the gap rapid positioning system on the coating roller, the ceramic roller, the unique tension system and the adhesive dispensing system are all closely linked to the main machine.

Internalization of the Sinomech Corporation
In 2009, we began to export our equipment to Malaysia. Then, starting in 2011, all of our products have passed European CE certification. We currently have sold 20 different models of solvent free laminators and 7 models of adhesive dispensing systems to more than 20 countries and regions.