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Solventless Laminator for Flexible Packaging

    1. SLF-A Series Solventless Laminator
      Max web width: 1050mm/1300mm/1500mm
      Max unwinding diameter: 800 mm
      Max rewinding diameter: 1000 mm
      Core ID: 3" & 6"
      Tension range: 2-40KG
    1. SmartLam1000/1300 Solventless Laminator
      Compact design with minimized web path, especially suitable for small run production. - Easy operation: one-man operated with chain type web threading system and double touch screen
      Digital servo control: high machining precision and stable operation at different machining speeds.
    1. SLF-C Series Solventless Laminator
      Max lamination speed: 500m/min
      Max web width: 1050mm/1300mm
      Max unwinding diameter: 800 mm
      Max rewinding diameter : 1000 mm
      Core ID: 3" & 6"
    1. SLF1000B Solventless Laminator
      Max web width: 1050mm
      Max unwinding diameter: 600 mm
      Max rewinding diameter: 800 mm
      Core ID: 3" & 6
      Tension range: 2-40KG
    1. Solventless Laminator with Turret Winders
      Max web width: 1050, 1300, 1500mm
      Max unwinding diameter: 800/1000mm
      Max rewinding diameter: 1000mm
      Core ID: 3"or 6"
      Overall dimension (L x W x H): 14000 x 4000 x 3500 mm
    1. Triple Solventless Laminating Machine
      The lamination machine can be equipped with a Sinomech intelligent management system, including remote onsite support functions, equipment operation monitoring functions, user data protection functions, and a Sinomech communication guarantee function.

As a Chinese leading manufacturer for solventless laminating machines, Sinomech Corp's products are suitable for high speed, solventless lamination of different types of plastic films, metalized films and aluminum foils.

PET, BOPP, PET, CPP, MCPP, MPET, LDPE, HDPE, BOPA, Aluminum foil and other flexible packaging materials

1. Accurate digital control of the coating amount, with a patented, independent servo control
2. Quick positioning system for gap adjustment
3. Stability in the lamination procedures, including patented horizontal laminating nips
4. Precision sectional independent tension control systems, suitable for various substrate types
5. These laminating machines feature a settable rewinding tension for different diameters and tension tapers, all the way from the core to the maximum diameter.
6. High production efficiency with little to no waste

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